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A Unicorn Is Born!

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You may be wondering, “Why the reference to a unicorn?” A unicorn is a mythical animal usually associated with magic. My skill set is all but unheard of and the quality of my work is magic. It is rare to find an individual with the ability to design and develop simply because they are very different thought processes and require almost a complete brain shift to jump from one task to the other. The other twist is that I enjoy getting to know my clients. I realize that in order to truly represent someone, you have to understand them first. I make it a point to get to know clients for that reason and because it is important that they trust me with their ideas. No one wants to work with anyone they can not effectively communicate with so I provide that avenue.

Being in the world of web since 2005, professionally, I have grown up in this industry and the knowledge is endless. I thrive off the challenge each client brings me and I am grateful for all the relationships I have formed with each and every one of those clients throughout the years.

I thoroughly enjoy both facets because I am able to express myself artistically and mathematically. So welcome to my world and enjoy getting to know me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kariamu Kamau