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Professional Summary

  • Having a mindset of servant leadership and consistently setting and tweaking life goals to continue to be a positive and meaningful impact on others around me.
  • Developing over 600 websites in 10+ years as a web developer and designing over 400 of those designs has given priceless insight in the world of web.
  • Constantly challenging pushing of the envelope of knowledge in the industry and positioning to continue to develop technically as well as artistically.

Professional Experience

DealerTrack Technologies (November 2014 to Present)
Front End Web Developer

  • Worked to help start the Women With Drive organization in the Dallas office, centered around women, that is a safe space providing training opportunities, community service, safe place to express oneself, like-minded women looking to develop themselves, and guest speakers.
  • Encouraged team development and growth through pair programming, open communication and continuous constructive feedback.
  • Worked on the Scrum Teams (Agile Environment) responsible for creation/updates/corrections/customizations to modules and templates for GM, Lexus, Volvo, Suburu New England, Genesis, Ford, Acura, Lincoln and Toyota dealer websites.
  • Familiar and comfortable working with other developers and/or taking on part, or all of a task solo. Work with team to analyze requested tasks, decide on a process of managing the task, executing the process and reviewing other members submitted code before and during QA code review.
  • On a bi-weekly basis, present team work to the stakeholders of the company as well as other teams within the company via live stream and in-house presentation (this responsibility is alternated throughout the team).
  • Responsible for releasing code, post QA and Product Owner approval, to the live environment (this responsibility is alternated throughout the developers on the team).
  • Daily work using jQuery, JavaScript, Sass, CSS3, HTML5, Velocity, Sublime, Terminal, GitHub and Photoshop (as needed).
  • Started as a Production Developer, responsible for assisting team with the migration of over 5000 automotive websites.
  • Also responsible for cleaning and/or revamping the dealers’ existing logo.
  • The customizations are specifically team’s responsibility to code in and verify functionality prior to showing to the client.
  • There are also occasions where a bug is found on the templates being used and it is then job to find a solution and report both problem and found solution in order to fix the bug across the board for all websites using the specific template.
  • Responsible for creating and updating various web applications including visualization, customer landing pages (portals), content management, and various reporting and alerting capabilities for business side customers.
  • Daily work using jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Sublime, Terminal, GitHub and Photoshop.

BNSF Railway (June 2014 to November 2014)
Web Publisher

  • Started as a Web Publisher and moved to a different team as a UI Developer in 3 months.
  • Was responsible for designing and developing the internal site for the Web Publishing team, in first few months there, learning SharePoint and Teamsite along the way.
  • As a UI Developer, am responsible for writing the HTML and GRAILS code for the customer portal website.
  • Responsible for creating and updating various web applications including visualization and customer landing pages (portals).
  • Daily work using CSS,, JavaScript, HTML, Groovy Rails.

New Lifestyles, Inc. (January 2008 to June 2014)
Lead/Senior Developer/Designer for the Web Department.

  • Department lead for spinning up the web department and transitioning all sites (approximately 300) from Assist Guide, Inc. servers to New Lifestyles, Inc. servers as part of a buyout.
  • Supervised full time design assistant and any contract developer/designer for this department.
  • Responsible for interviewing and hiring the project manager, design assistant and several web developers.
  • Responsible for training all new designers and/or developers for the team.
  • Responsible for building the platform for New Lifestyles, Inc. to grow the web department.
  • Responsible for establishing a maintainable relationship with all customers and helping the project manager develop a check-in strategy to ensure our customers’ needs were being met.
  • Started off designing, developing, troubleshooting, taking live and maintaining all new and redesigned websites.
  • Design (Photoshop, Illustrator), Development (Wire framing, HTML5, CSS3, Dreamweaver, ASP, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress, custom CMS), Pre/Post Go-Live (Testing and Troubleshooting).
  • Responsible for creating and updating various web applications including visualization and analytics dashboards, customer landing pages (portals), content management, and various reporting and alerting capabilities for business side customers.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and resolving all website related issues, basic and complex.
  • Responsible for the development for all of the 600+ websites, 400+ currently active.
  • Responsible for designing over 80% of the websites currently active.
  • Responsible for some basic and intermediate server testing.

AGIS Network, formally AssistGuide, Inc. (2005 to January 2008)
Customer Liaison

  • Started as the customer liaison, and shifted into the designer position within the first 12 months.
  • By the end of the time with Assist Guide, Inc. was responsible for designing and developing all new websites and maintaining all existing websites.
  • Became the only designer and front-end developer and maintained that responsibility for little over a year.
  • Responsible for training all clients to use their websites control panel, post go-live.
  • Daily work using CSS,, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL.

Technical Summary

HTML: 10+ years – experience includes current HTML5.
CSS: 10+ years – experience includes current CSS3.
Responsive website design/development (to include Parralax design/development).
JavaScript: 5+ years – code manipulation, event handling, animation, responsive site development
jQuery: manipulating jQuery based plugins and UI widgets.
Cross-browser/Cross-platform Development: 8+ years adjustments for IE using CSS and JavaScript.
Optimizing for Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, taking older versions into consideration and developing necessary approaches for dated browsers, keeping user experience at standard.
Server-Side/Data Integration: 7+ years data integration on custom CMS platform using C# and ASP PHP and ASP experience SQL Server and MySQL data manipulation, export, import, database creation, duplicate, restore, query manipulation and running, table creation.
CMS Knowledge and Adaptability: 9+ years.  Custom CMS (Spectrum – morphed from Rainbow) Word press Joomla
Sharepoint (introduced at BNSF Railway), Teamsite (introduced at BNSF Railway), Composer (introduced at DealerTrack)
Windows Server: 7+ years, IIS manipulation, creation and editing, Application Pool manipulation and monitoring
Directory and path manipulation and creating
Troubleshooting: 8+ years, server-side troubleshooting from IIS to custom pieces UI troubleshooting.
Pre/Post Go-live Testing: 8+ years, Form testing, Plugin testing, Cross-browser/cross-platform testing post go-live implementation.
Client Post Go-Live Walkthrough: 10+ years, Client walkthrough on front-end of site, Client walkthrough on control panel
Client walkthrough on all plugins and training on page/post content creation.


Fontbonne University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2001